Monday, November 9, 2009

Limited Edition Numbered Phish Pendants Now Available

I have begun to put these out. Sold a few at Alpine Valley this summer, and let's say they're very sought after. I took orders for 7 and delivered them and now I've decided to offer a limited edition numbered series. The first is now listed on my etsy site! This is a unique, high quality item reserved only for the funkiest of fans. Might I say, the funky bitches, even! Phunky bitches will appreciate the unique flair, which is available either with the obvious "phish" design, or the incognito phish shape without the word phish.

Whichever you choose, your phunky bitch will love you for finding this gem! I use only the finest pure materials, and no mystery metals or plastic ever will be included in one of these limited editions. Visit my shop at EARTHDREAM

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