Saturday, May 23, 2009

My most essential jewelry item is......

     When I run out the door, you can bet I already have my rings on.  Then I slide by the pile of quick bracelets and throw a few on.  That's the reason I really like the stretch material bracelets.  Who has the time to wrestle a clasp or ask for help?  

     Necklaces require more thought because of length, color, and the cut of shirt, so it's usually one that I skip if I don't have ample time to get it right.

     So what about you?  You know exactly what your jewelry is all the time?  Or maybe it never changes.  Over there at the right is a poll about this topic, and I can't wait to see what the outcome is..... ---------------------------------------------------------->  Please VOTE!!  

Peace, Kristin




  1. Well, for me it is EARRINGS!! All sorts of pretty earrings...

  2. wow! next time I might need to include earrings in the poll... of course! For me they are always last and like a special thing more than a piece of my daily wardrobe.