Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol and Music Together

     Ok, so I loved Adam.  But I felt that Kris would have more votes because of his cuteness.  Obviously Adam is a better singer, but the votes speak....  oK!  that show last night was absolutely incredible.  The guests were flawless, the choices for the top 13 were great, and I can't believe what a genius Simon Fuller is.  It's as if he is able to rip open our hearts and ask "what song does your innate being want to sing?"
     Each and every time a contestant sings, I am inside of their mind and their body living vicariously through their experience.  I have always dreamed of being a singer, and can't imagine a better feeling than reaching into your soul to expose your raw voice.  
    Sure, I get to sing (and even get paid!!) with my special group of kids . (ages birth thru K)  Through this work, I have come to believe that if we as parents can even convey a tiny portion of our passion for music, then we have started a process that can expand to great heights!  
     I am a Music Together Teacher.  If you are a parent of kids, go to their national website at  click on locate a class, and sign up for an experience that can change your life and the life of your little one forever.  Hurry.....  Our research has proven that more than 80% of kids are naturally born with the ability to play in an orchestra professionally.  With encouragement and the correct musical environment that ability something we can rely on, but without development or actual experiences with real life music-making our talent declines starting at around age 9.  In our society of hundreds of already made sounds and music available, it is imperative that we continue to foster the love of live music making by people, and share it with EVERYONE. 

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