Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dreams of Phishing

Well, I am not in Hampton, VA seeing the reunion of the band known as Phish.  I am deeply sad to have missed this special moment in the band's history, but I have been an enthusiastic supporter and promoter for many years, and am thrilled for my friends that are there now.  The ticket situation was difficult, and I just couldn't justify flying clear across the country on a whim and chancing that I might now be able to get into the show.  That would be much more painful that I care to imagine, so I am at home with my children, listening to last night's show with mixed emotion.  It's very wonderful to feel the energy that is so burned into my memory I can recall it when I close my eyes.  Phish exploding on stage and truly feeling each other's musical groove in that moment to form the strong pulsing energy that makes the eager crowd swoon with delightful, sweaty, outrageous vibrations.  The result is pure escape, ultimate release,  newfound freedom to move and enjoy a peaceful mind state as your physical being is tossed and lost in the fervor of the intense synchronicity that the band and audience are cooperatively creating.  It is live music at it's peak perfection, and genuinely unique each time Phish meets each other on the stage, and I feel extremely fortunate to have seen hundreds of such performances from this extremely talented band.  It's show time now, I'm off to pretend I'm there again!

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